Colored Pencil Art with Nancy Saltsman

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center Presents Colored Pencil Art with Nancy Saltsman

Colored pencils are an exciting medium that brings vibrancy and spirit to your artwork. These pencils allow for a rich, deep and luminescent color. Finished drawings can be so smooth and pigmented that they resemble paintings. Colored pencils allow the artist an incredible amount of control over the application, leading to highly detailed and developed imagery. Curious about learning its secrets? Trying to gain new insights? Join award-winning artist and instructor Nancy Saltsman asshe leads you through the process of learning about this unique medium from whatever your skill level. Leading participants from her Georgia studio, Nancy will teach the design principles and medium techniques for successful colored pencil artwork.

A practicing artist for most of her life, Nancy holds a degree in art with a minor in Field Ecology and Botany from San Francisco State University  and a teaching credential from San Jose State University. A former Bothwell artist, Nancy relocated to Savannah Georgia two years ago. Her passion is watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, pen & ink, and Masa paper paintings, with a special interest in rendering plants and objects found in nature in a realistic format. Nancy has been teaching for 35 years and loves plants and gardening. She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Three classes at 90 minutes once a week $60

Three-class Series are available beginning August 13, September 10 and October 8