When May 4, 2019 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Where Bankhead Theater 2400 First Street Livermore, CA 94550

Amount FREE

Building for the Moon and Beyond

Livermore Innovation Fair is a project targeted to bring STEM + Arts excitement in the community. It is a FREE, family-friendly showcase of discovery and imagination that is equal parts science fair, high-tech exhibition, art show, and community carnival.

This year’s theme is “Building for the Moon and Beyond” to honor the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. Inspired by the maker movement, hundreds of young STEAM enthusiasts will have the chance to build things, get involved in experiments and demonstrations, and take various gadgets for a test drive. Attendees will have a first-person experience in a range of STEAM-related fields, including rocketry, robotics, 3D printing and production, animation, art projects, virtual reality, speakers series, and others. This is an inclusive event for children of all ages and abilities.

New this year will be a world famous computer animation film festival, brought by BitsBytes&Pixels for the first time ever in Tri-Valley.  As part of the largest Computer Graphics Conference in the world  the  SIGGRAPH is a must see! It features award winning short films and ground breaking technology in computer animation and visual effects! This is a one of a kind event paired with an exhibit of artwork created by Livermore school students.

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Growing up in India, Manu Prakash didn’t have access to tools that would fuel his scientific curiosity. Now, as a professor at Stanford University, he’s at the forefront of “frugal science”: His inventions, including a 20-cent centrifuge, a paper microscope that folds up like origami and a way to track disease-carrying mosquitoes on your cell phone, aren’t just saving lives; they’re igniting a passion for science in young people the world over.

Meet our Keynote and he will be explaining his vision for “frugal science,” why empathy is crucial for a scientist and knowing what you don’t know is as important as what you do know, and how he hopes to put a Foldscope in the pocket of every child in the world.

Time : Noon-1 pm

Computer Animation Festival and Student Art Show

New this year will be a Computer Animation Festival, brought by BitsBytes&Pixels! As part of the SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Conference, the festival features award-winning short films, ground breaking technology in computer animation and visual effects. This first-ever event is paired with an exhibit of artwork created by Livermore school students.

Animation created by students at the Bits Bytes and Pixels – Animation & Digital Arts Program in Livermore