September 1, 2021

Livermore Arts at the Bankhead and Bothwell

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Bankhead Theater Announces That All Ticket Holders Will Be Required to Show Proof of Vaccination Beginning October 1, 2021

LIVERMORE, CA – (September 1, 2021) – Livermore Arts has adopted the commitment to require ticket holders to all events to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and wear a mask while inside the Bankhead Theater beginning Friday, October 1, 2021. For children under twelve years of age, a three-question questionnaire will be required for entry. Students and visitors of the Bothwell Arts Center aged twelve and over will also be required to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask while inside the Bothwell. 

Livermore Arts Board of Directors Chair, Denise Watkins shares, “Our number one priority is to share the arts safely with the Tri-Valley community. The staff at the Bankhead Theater has been working tirelessly to create a safe environment for everyone including artists, crew, staff, patrons, and volunteers. We want to continue providing live entertainment while adopting efforts to stop the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable members of our community.  Everyone plays an important part, not just on stage, but in the audience.”

The decision to require vaccination and mandatory mask wearing for all indoor performances is the outcome of a listening campaign with our performers, patrons, staff, and volunteers. “Returning to the stage for live entertainment and providing a safe place to gather in community together to experience the arts has been our goal since the pandemic began. Livermore Arts accepts the responsibility of not only keeping our community safe and stopping the spread of the virus, but also returning to a sense of normalcy. Bringing live performances to the Bankhead Theater is part of what makes living in the Tri-Valley such a special place. It is incumbent upon us to make sure we institute multiple layers of safety protocols to ensure that we are able to continue to bring live music, theatre, dance, opera, and comedy back to Livermore and the surrounding areas. It is our responsibility to do everything in our power to stop the spread and prevent another economic shutdown, “ commented Chris Carter, Executive Director of Livermore Arts. “We’ve also taken major steps inside the theater to require all staff and volunteers be vaccinated or provide reasonable proof of exemption and negative COVID tests on a regular basis along with a mask requirement for all staff, volunteers, and visitors. In addition, our HVAC system in the theater exchanges the air 9.2 times each hour. That means there is new air in the theater every 6.5 minutes. We have also upgraded our HVAC system to use high-quality MERV-13 filters, designed to trap very fine particles, potential allergens, bacteria, and viruses. High-touch areas are cleaned with a thorough cleaning before and after every performance. All seats, armrests, and handrails are cleaned after each performance using an electrostatic sprayer, the same sprayer used in hospitals and schools to clean and kill COVID-19 on surfaces. By following procedures, including vaccination, and wearing a mask. This policy will offer clarity and reassure all ticket holders that we take their safety seriously.” continued Carter.  

By closely monitoring industry and government guidance regarding the COVID-19 virus, including information supplied by the State of California, California Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Alameda County Department of Public Health additional guidelines and procedures for personal protection, ventilation, and cleaning with an emphasis on the prevention of transmission of respiratory illness have been implemented. 

Per the most recent state guidance, Livermore Arts at the Bankhead and Bothwell will require proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. Fully vaccinated means the day of the performance is at least 14 days after the patron’s second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine or at least 14 days after their single dose of a single dose COVID-19 vaccine. Masks are required to be worn at all times, regardless of vaccination status.   Lara Webber, Music Director and Conductor, Livermore-Amador Symphony shared, “The Livermore-Amador Symphony, a resident company of the Bankhead Theater, and their close artistic and community partner fully supports this policy decision. LAS recently instituted its own vaccine requirement for all participating musicians, in addition to closely adhering to all current Alameda county health mandates.  We recognize these are necessary steps to protect public health and preserve our ability to continue to create and enjoy the arts in live rehearsals and performances together.  We can’t wait to return to the Bankhead stage and welcome our audiences.”  Erie Mills, Artistic Director at the Livermore Valley Opera added “We take our responsibility to the community seriously, and having fully vaccinated audiences is a necessary measure to ensure that we keep our community safe and do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. These mandates will allow us to safely return to the stage and enrich the lives of our community. “

This vaccination policy is in effect for all indoor performances now and will be re-assessed on an ongoing basis and may adjust as public health circumstances evolve. These protocols are based on the most current information available for the live entertainment venue industry, as well as other pertinent industries. Livermore Arts will continue to monitor guidelines from the CDC, state, and county, for the latest public health guidance to continually update these procedures.   

Livermore Arts is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit offering wide-ranging programs that provide access to the arts for the Tri-Valley community and beyond. The Bankhead Theater, together with the Bothwell Arts Center, is home to eight resident performing arts companies and over 40 studio artists and cultural arts instructors. 

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