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Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center is a non-profit, public benefit corporation organized under the 501(c)3 section of the tax code. LVPAC opened its 500-seat theater in October 2007.


Most theatre productions take place in the evenings, so this is when most of the live work is done, although stagehands will often work from mid-afternoon or morning to get through set up, until late at night, having cleaned up after the show. If you travel on tour with a particular show, you could be on the road for months at a time, which can be unsociable and tiring, but you would be with a group of people who all were well aware of the life they chose, and you’d make many friends along the way. 

Due to the wide scope of duties a stagehand performs, they need to be ready for anything. LVPAC desires applicants who have the following abilities:

Technical skills – technical skills related to lighting, computer presentations, and sound are all helpful for a stagehand to possess.

Planning skills – the ability to prioritize work activities, plan ahead for resource needs and develop realistic plans of action to accomplish set goals is key.

Physical abilities –while working as a stagehand, frequent standing, reaching, climbing, stooping, kneeling, and crawling will be required. The ability to lift, push, 50 pounds is essential. This is a physical job.

Construction skills – when assembling or disassembling a set, construction knowledge is helpful, such as the ability to understand how things are put together and what tools are needed.

Interpersonal skills – as with any job that requires hustle and accuracy, tensions can run high. Stagehands need tact and patience when communicating with others, as well as the ability to admit mistakes.

Dependability – because production schedules can change or run longer than expected, a stagehand needs to be willing to work more than his or her assigned hours, complete all assigned tasks, and notify the appropriate person if an alternate plan is needed.

We are searching for a strong and dependable Stagehand to join our team. The Stagehand’s responsibilities include: setting up and testing sound, lighting, and other equipment, following the director’s instructions, assisting performers backstage, and making adjustments to sets. A Stagehand should also keep the stage clean by sweeping between performances and removing any waste.

To be successful as a Stagehand, you should enjoy working with your hands and be prepared to learn new skills on the job. Outstanding candidates are self-starters with a can-do attitude and excellent attention to detail.

Stagehand Responsibilities:

Moving, setting up, and testing lighting, sound, props, and other equipment according to set requirements.

Building sets and performing a variety of backstage and maintenance tasks.

Assembling equipment and support structures and breaking them down when the show is over.

Making set adjustments when necessary.

Inspecting lighting, sound, and other equipment, and ensuring that everything is plugged into the correct power source.

Assisting performers with wardrobe changes and other miscellaneous tasks.

Sweeping the stage between shows and removing any backstage waste products.

Running errands when required and constantly expanding your skillset.

Stagehand Requirements:

High school diploma or enrolled in theatrical classes presently.

A two or four-year degree in a relevant discipline is preferred.

Evidence of on-the-job training is required. A completed apprenticeship would be advantageous.

Experience in carpentry, electronics, or construction would be a plus.

Excellent stamina and strength.

Ability to collaborate with others.

Willingness to work after hours and meet deadlines.

Ability to focus under pressure and follow instructions.

Ability to keep a cool, calm demeanor in high pressure situations.

Ability to admit you don’t know when you don’t know.

Reacting with urgency, yet calming in the “oh by the way” moments.

Tool Requirements:

Crescent wrench (C-wrench)
Boots with good non-slip soles (preferred steel toes)
Voltage meter
Multi-tool (Gerber, Leatherman)

Personal Protective Equipment supplied by venue:

Fall Protection
Ear Plugs
Safety Glasses
First Aid Kit
Fall Protection inspection training
Fall Protections safe practices
OSHA 10 training & certification
Aerial Lift training & certification
Fall Protection competent person training and certification

To apply, please send resume, cover letter, salary requirements and references to: Gary Brunclik


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