As you sit in the theater watching the lights go down, you’re probably not thinking about what went into making the magic happen on stage.  But what you don’t see is as important as what you do. The many people backstage and in the office are hard at work, but people like YOU are every bit as important to making ART happen here every day.

Your membership makes a difference…

As an independent arts non-profit, Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center is a community-funded venue, not run by the city or financed by a major endowment. It’s gifts from members, sponsors, donors and friends that keep the magic on stage, help support resident companies and community groups, provide art classes and educational outreach, as well as fund free events and cultural celebrations.

Now is the time…

During the month of May, all first-time members can take advantage of a $99 promotional price. And if you’re a member by June 2, you can attend our 2021-2022 Season Announcement where all the exciting shows we have planned for the upcoming season will be revealed. Enjoy the event this year from the comfort of your own home, or join us for beverages and treats and watch on the big screen at the Bankhead Theater. Register early and be entered in the Ticket Package Raffle!

The benefits are yours…

All year long, members are the first to hear about new events, receive a discount on Bankhead Presents shows and, at higher levels, are eligible for exclusive member meet and greets and access to the VIP Room. And any membership, including renewals, can be made on a multi-payment plan.

Help us make the magic happen!

ART is a community endeavor and participation is rewarding whether you’re on stage, in the audience, or behind the scenes. Membership is one way everyone can play a part!


Contact Brittany Mulgrew at (925) 583-2305 for questions or more information