Since opening, the Bankhead Theater and Bothwell Arts Center have been powered by hundreds of volunteers. As ushers, ticket takers, greeters, concessions salespeople, art class assistants, and helpers at all kinds of events, they have stepped up whenever and wherever they’re needed. Their energy and enthusiasm are a tremendous and priceless gift to Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center.

With the re-opening of the Bankhead and Bothwell in spring of 2021, first with classic movies, then courtyard concerts and finally live performances inside the Bankhead Theater in July of 2021 volunteers have kept us going with one of the hardest jobs we have getting people safely inside the building and into their seats. But that’s not all, they help us behind the scenes as well in our Marketing and Development departments by helping us prepare mailings, with the Gala fundraiser, and general office support. We couldn’t do what we do without the tireless help of our volunteers.

Carol Edwards,  front of house supervising manager and volunteer coordinator for Livermore Arts, has often said,

“We could not possibly do what we do without their time, dedication and hard work.

                                                                They truly make the Arts possible!”

Volunteers invest in the organization in multiple ways – not only can they be counted on to volunteer their time, they buy tickets and bring friends to shows. Many invest financially too; approximately 40 percent of current volunteers donate at the Mainstage Membership level or above.

Ushers at all performances are essential but it takes a special kind of energy to help ensure that all public health measures are being met and we provide the safest possible environment for our patrons and our staff. We want to particularly honor six volunteers, Mike Marchini, Karen Carnahan, Chuck Arnett, Michelle Arnett, Helen Barnes, and Stan Soburn, who combined have volunteered over 665 hours.

We appreciate our volunteers, whenever we need them, they are ready to make a difference. We can’t possibly thank them enough!