LIVE PERFORMANCES AT THE BANKHEAD Bankhead Presents Garrison Keillor with Robin & Linda Williams FRI JUN 10 | 8 pm BUY NOW MORE INFO Bankhead Presents Winter Dance Party SAT JUN 11 | 8 pm BUY NOW MORE INFO Bankhead Presents Big Bad Voodoo Daddy FRI JUN 17 | 8 pm BUY NOW MORE INFO […]

A Tribute to Our Volunteers

Since opening, the Bankhead Theater and Bothwell Arts Center have been powered by hundreds of volunteers. As ushers, ticket takers, greeters, concessions salespeople, art class assistants, and helpers at all kinds of events, they have stepped up whenever and wherever they’re needed. Their energy and enthusiasm are a tremendous and priceless gift to Livermore Valley […]

Chris’ Picks for the 2021-2022 Bankhead Presents Season

October 14, 1988 was a very pivotal date in my life. If you look it up, you won’t find anything really of note that happened that day, but I remember it vividly. I was a tall and awkward middle school student living near Fort Worth. It was a Friday night, and my mother was driving […]

An Interview with Shakespeare’s Associates Lisa Tromovitch

Chris: Hello everybody, my name is Chris Carter and I’m the Executive Director of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center.  Welcome to Beyond the Stage where we interview people in our community that are heavily involved in the arts and the industry that we love so much. Right now  we’re talking to you from Advanced […]


In Latin, Caveat Emptor means “Let the Buyer Beware.”  While the internet has empowered the arts in many ways, it has also fostered a number of unscrupulous ticket resellers. Recently we have been seeing tickets for our shows appear on resale sites at ridiculously inflated prices — as much as 200-300%! Unfortunately, this is completely […]

An Interview with Multi-Talented Rock Musician David Victor

Chris:  Hi everybody, my name is Chris Carter I’m the Executive Director at the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. Welcome to Beyond the Stage. We’re here at the Advanced Creative studios in Livermore – thank you to Advanced Creative for hosting us! I’m here with David Victor, legendary rock and roll icon in the East […]


The 2021 survey was distributed via email and social media on February 24 and was open until March 7. A total of 347 responses were received and the input, including many thoughtfully written comments, will help us make decisions as we look to reopen.  Here’s what we learned: People are eager to come back, but […]

An Interview with Funny Girl Faith Alpher

Chris: Hi everybody, my name is Chris Carter. I’m the Executive Director of Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center and I’m here today with Faith Alpher. We’re at Advanced Creative studios, safely distanced from each other, in case people are wondering. Faith is a comedian, writer, actress, radio personality. She’s also a wife and a mom […]


While we await the opportunity to open the theater, we’re continuing our series with  VINEYARD VIBES & MORE, an opportunity to share more excellent entertainment from local musicians and comedians. These concerts are FREE, although registration is required for online access. Your virtual ticket allows access for a 24-hour period beginning each Sunday at 6pm.  […]

A Tribute to Our Volunteers

Since opening, the Bankhead Theater and Bothwell Arts Center have been powered by hundreds of volunteers. As ushers, ticket takers, greeters, concessions salespeople, art class assistants, and helpers at all kinds of events, they have stepped up whenever and wherever they’re needed. Their energy and enthusiasm are a tremendous and priceless gift to Livermore Valley […]


Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center Receives Generous Legacy Gift from Estate of Long-Time Patrons Jene and Isabelle Dupzyk LIVERMORE, CA – (August 10, 2020) – Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center (LVPAC) announced that a very generous legacy gift has been received from the estate of long-time patrons Jene and Isabelle Dupzyk. The gift, a home […]

“If Only I’d Known…”

It happens to us all. We walk up to find a beloved restaurant or store is closed forever and we think, “Wow, didn’t see that coming, if only….” Earlier this month we had to cancel an online class that, unfortunately, didn’t reach the minimum required registration. One disappointed patron emailed us saying, “If only I’d […]


As a community and as a country, we have benefited greatly from the long-standing contributions of African-Americans to the Arts. Those contributions, which are uniquely American, cannot be denied. They have spread around the globe and have enriched all of our lives. We also recognize that African-Americans have been subject to unfair, unequal and unjust treatment in […]


This week we heard the first public statements from Governor Newsom about the process the state will take to slowly return from the shelter-in-place orders. It was clear that we should not expect to hold public events for some time, possibly far into 2020. Our greatest priority is to keep our patrons, volunteers and staff […]


DERIK NELSON AND FAMILY For artists, performing on stage is often just one aspect of their love for music and the arts. Many who have appeared at the Bankhead also seek to share their passion and skills with others.  On July 12th, Derik, Riana and Dalten Nelson will again take the stage with the pure three-part-harmonies […]

Comedy is Coming!

If laughter is an instant vacation … you only need to head to the Bankhead to be transported on your next trip. Four great comedy shows are coming up and are sure to provoke a much needed laugh in these challenging times. Don’t miss your chance to Laugh Out Loud in Livermore and take a […]

American Musical History

Music has a magical quality that transports listeners to another place and time. Whether it serves as a means of entertainment, education or escape, music forges connections between people of all ages and backgrounds. Several upcoming events at the Bankhead bring to life important periods in American musical history and their long-lasting influence on cultural […]

RED: Connecting to Art

“Red“, John Logan’s Tony Award-winning play about abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko, opens tonight on the stage-on-stage at the Bankhead Theater. If you don’t have tickets, get them now … this is truly a play worth seeing. Our team has watched as this powerful play has emerged – from the first read-through to last night’s […]

Two Firsts for the Bankhead

We’re marking two major firsts this fall with our brand new production of the compelling Tony Award-winning play “Red” by John Logan. The two-man play captures a pivotal period in the tumultuous career of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko. This will be the FIRST show fully produced by Livermore Performing Arts Center and also the […]

We’re Going Green!

The “Green the Bankhead” project has been launched! Major initiatives to save energy and reduce costs will make the Bankhead Theater more efficient and environmentally-friendly. The goal is to achieve LEED certification, a globally-recognized rating of a commercial building’s sustainability, by 2019, as well as WELL certification, which assesses measures taken to ensure the health […]

Interview: Rita Coolidge

In a wide ranging interview with writer Lou Fancher at the East Bay Times, pop icon Rita Coolidge talks about her early days in the music industry when men held all the power and the impact that had on women, how she see things changing now, and why it matters. She also discusses the many […]

Don’t Wait to Buy Tickets!

Bankhead Shows Are Selling Fast! Everyone has done it … seen an announcement for an interesting concert, show or program but waited to buy tickets.  In the past, many people have assumed they could wait until a few days before the show or even walk up to the window that day and buy a ticket. […]

Why the Bankhead is Unique

We know. Sometimes people have questions about the business of running a theater. Why do some tickets cost more than others? Why don’t you book my favorite big name artists? Why is fundraising so important? The answers are both simple and complex. Classified as an independent non-profit, the Bankhead Theater is, and always has been, […]

Interview: Joan Osborne

In a compelling new interview with writer Lou Fancher of the East Bay Times, singer/songwriter Joan Osborne explains what inspires her about Bob Dylan’s music and how it expands her perspective and influences her music.  “When you’re doing any covering of other people’s material, your job is to bring out something that hasn’t been discovered yet. When you have […]

Joan Osborne Interview

Joan Osborne Sings “Songs of Bob Dylan” at the Bankhead … with Will Champlin In an interview with RIFF Magazine, Joan Osborne talks about the road that led to her most recent album, “Songs of Bob Dylan” and where that road might lead her next.  Osborne has always covered others’ songs, including Dylans’, and has […]

An Interview with Songwriter JD Souther

Writer Lou Fancher beautifully captures the heart of JD Souther’s songwriting genius in a fresh new interview for East Bay Times: ” The world’s best singer-songwriters appreciate time. Not simply meter, syllables stretched over notes, tempo and other clock-keeper aspects of music, but the passage of time that mellows a tenor’s voice into ease and […]

A fascinating interview with singer Storm Large

“Every piece of art is a step to the next. I almost never sit down with an idea and write consciously, unless I’m writing a song for someone else. I start with a lyric or rhythm that sounds cool to me. I don’t try to draw linear connections.” Read the rest of Lou Fancher’s fascinating […]