In Latin, Caveat Emptor means “Let the Buyer Beware.” 

While the internet has empowered the arts in many ways, it has also fostered a number of unscrupulous ticket resellers. Recently we have been seeing tickets for our shows appear on resale sites at ridiculously inflated prices — as much as 200-300%! Unfortunately, this is completely legal, and there is little we can do about it except inform patrons about the risks.

In the best case scenario, a patron may overpay, but receives a ticket purchased from our box office by the third party reseller, and they enjoy the show.  In the worst case scenario, the patron overpays, the third party doesn’t follow through, and the patron cannot get into the show or must purchase another ticket.

So, please – if you’re looking to purchase tickets for a Bankhead Theater event online, make sure you’re on OUR site or at least the site of a reputable seller. Here are a few things to watch out for:

~ The price should be in line with what you expected to pay for that show.

~ Make sure there is a confirmed seat location. Each ticket should have a row letter and seat number (e.g. “G116”). Legitimate brokers have already purchased tickets from the box office and have specific seat locations.

~ There should be a physical address associated with the website. If not, they may be hiding something.

~ If there is a phone number associated with the website, call to be sure it’s legitimate.

~ Check to see if the company has been rated on Yelp or Google Business or another credible source.

If you’re reading this here, you probably already know us and purchase on our site. But we ask that you tell your friends and family and anyone you know to always go to the source for tickets. By purchasing tickets for Bankhead Theater events on, you’ll avoid inflated prices or additional fees, and you can be certain your seat will be waiting for you when you arrive!