In Latin, Caveat Emptor means “Let the Buyer Beware.”  While the internet has empowered the arts in many ways, it has also fostered a number of unscrupulous ticket resellers. Recently we have been seeing tickets for our shows appear on resale sites at ridiculously inflated prices — as much as 200-300%! Unfortunately, this is completely […]

The Story Behind the Song

Guitarist Suzanna Spring of the Mustangs of the West reflects on her life as a songwriter and the story behind their new single “T-Shirt from California.”  Come hear the Mustangs play the song THIS FRIDAY, October 26 at the Bankhead.  Read her story and then get tickets to hear it live! The Story Behind “T-Shirt […]

Don’t Wait to Buy Tickets!

Bankhead Shows Are Selling Fast! Everyone has done it … seen an announcement for an interesting concert, show or program but waited to buy tickets.  In the past, many people have assumed they could wait until a few days before the show or even walk up to the window that day and buy a ticket. […]