Beyond the Stage with Gaby Moreno Chris Carter: All right. Good afternoon, everybody. My name is Chris Carter, and I’m the executive director of The Bankhead Theater. And I’m here today with Gaby Moreno, who is going to be joining us at The Bankhead on Friday, December 2nd at 8 p.m. You can get tickets online at and we’re super excited to […]

Beyond the Stage with Carlos Moreno   Chris Carter: Hello, everybody. This is Chris Carter from The Bankhead Theater and I’m here today with Carlos Moreno from Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno. The dance company will be here on October 30th at 3 p.m. for a Dìa de Los Muertos performance, and you can go online and find tickets […]

Beyond the Stage with Chris Brubeck

Chris Carter: Hi, everybody. This is Chris Carter from the Bankhead Theater. And as we get ready for our upcoming 22-23 season, we’re going to be interviewing a series of artists who are coming to perform for this season. And today, I’m very excited to be talking to Chris Brubeck, who I share a first name […]

Beyond the Stage with Nadhi Thekkek & Rupy C. Tut

  Chris Carter: Hi everybody, my name is Chris Carter. I’m the executive director for Livermore Valley Arts and we are very pleased to have here with us today; Nadhi Thekkek and Rupy C. Tut. Nadhi is the artistic director for Nava Dance Theatre and Rupy is a visual artist. They have collaborated together on […]

An Interview with Award-Winning Pianist Jon Nakamatsu

Chris: Hello everybody, my name is Chris Carter. I’m the Executive Director of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. Welcome to Beyond the Stage. Normally we’re at the Advanced Creative Studios in Livermore, but we’re here at the Bankhead Theater and we have a special guest today, Jon Nakamatsu, pianist, and winner of many awards […]