Ruth Egherman: Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us for Beyond the Stage. My name is Ruth Egherman. I’m the Director of Marketing here at Livermore Valley Arts. I’m here with our host Executive Director Chris Carter. Say hi, Chris.


Chris Carter: Hi.


Ruth Egherman: I was sitting somewhere else and I was like, there’s weird shadows on my face because the lighting was bouncing off the frames.


Chris Carter: Yeah.


Ruth Egherman: And so I was like, All right, I’m going to move over here by the by the wine labels, the wine crate label thingies.


Chris Carter: I know, I don’t have anything cool behind me. It’s like a printer.


Ruth Egherman: You have the guitar from The George Bowen Guitar Summit, right? Yeah.


Chris Carter: It’s from the Guitar Summit.


Ruth Egherman: I think I was noticing that the other day when I was in your office, I’d just, like, noticed it for the first time, which one it was.


Chris Carter: Yeah.


Ruth Egherman: Do you still have all the other guitars or those back home?


Chris Carter: I have one here, one there. There’s four in the room.


Ruth Egherman: Okay.


Chris Carter: But they – they’re not behind me, just the Bowen one. And I have at home I have five hanging up and then five more on stands.


Ruth Egherman: Yeah. When I was married to Eric and Eric is Filipino, was Filipino, we always wanted to go as John Lennon and Yoko Ono. We never did it, but we always wanted to do a Halloween costume. That was John Lennon and Yoko Ono. And I would be John Lennon and he would be Yoko Ono.


Ruth Egherman: Because I wore the glasses I had.


Ruth Egherman: I used to have like those, you know, those round glasses, you know, back when those were fashionable for women to wear.

Chris Carter: A song by Barenaked Ladies called You Can Be My Yoko Ono,. It’ actually cool because it’s like–I love you so much. I would break up the Beatles for you like that–that’s how intense our love is. It breaks up the greatest band of all time. And it’s like that’s that’s as good as it gets. So it’s kind of a good way to look at it.


Ruth Egherman: I’ve never watched even a minute of that song.


Chris Carter: He wrote that song for the show. And apparently the story is he was asked to write a song for this show and he kind of brushed it off and his he had like a deadline and his wife was talking to him and said, yeah, they want me to write this song for the show and said, Well, who’s the producers?


Chris Carter: And he said, the names of the producers. And she goes, I think you should write it like you better do this. And the deadline was like in a few hours. And so he’s like in the shower trying to think of what to write. And then he figures it out and his wife yells at his wife, come in here and start recording.


Chris Carter: And he sings the whole song while…


Ruth Egherman: While he was in the in the shower?!


Chris Carter: he was in the shower. And then they get out and he just records that on his guitar real quick and sends it to the producers and they go, We love it. It’s perfect. But then


Ruth Egherman: That’s hysterical.

Chris Carter: Yeah, those 5 minutes in the shower probably made him millions and millions of dollars with that song.