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UNCLE Credit Union Art Gallery Heads East 

with Remarkable New Exhibit at Livermore Valley Arts 

Livermore, CA – (January 12, 2024) – An astonishing new exhibit, “Poetic World: East Asian Art,” is on display this winter at the UNCLE Credit Union Art Gallery through March 10, 2024. This breathtaking exhibit will celebrate the fusion of contemporary art with rich East Asian heritage. This captivating showcase transports visitors into a realm where traditional techniques harmonize with modern interpretations. Vibrant brushwork, delicate ink washes, and bold experimentation converge to capture the essence of East Asian culture, bridging the past and present. The public is invited to experience this exhibit in person at the UNCLE Credit Union Art Gallery and Founders Room at the Bankhead Theater in Downtown Livermore. 

Much of the art on display in this stirring exhibit is on loan from a leading art organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, from artists from all over the Bay Area. Since its establishment in 1982, the Chinese Art Association of San Francisco (CAASF), comprised of artists from different cultural regions around the world, has been devoted to promoting Chinese culture and meaningful East-West intercultural exchange; for example, the annual joint exhibition, which fosters mutual learning and exchange. As CASSF hits the milestone of 41 years of annual exhibitions, they reflect on the many outstanding artists and art that have led to a great worldwide reputation. “Tradition with Creation” is always their mutual sensibility and common goal. They are also highly motivated by multiple cultural influences, finding the content of this art exhibition is superior to that of past years, with the scope of techniques and styles broadened, covering East-West art media such as landscape, flower-bird, human-figure, calligraphy, and the live-view point, as well as in various aspects of art expression and different individual art characters. Both older masters and young talent are represented, providing

context and allowing the viewer to observe the evolution of styles and the continuity of certain traditions. Art can be a natural bridge and gap link among countries to bring people mutual understanding together, and CAASF hopes to continue to build based on its founding principles with a goal towards building an advanced healthy arts platform to express the beauty of life and to share them with our friends and the world at large. 

Additionally, the Gallery has Feng Jin doors on display from the private collection of Foster Goldstrom, and it also provides the scrolls on loan in the Founders Room at The Bankhead. Additional pieces are courtesy of Hillcrest Gardens residents here in Livermore, with a few supplemental pieces done by professional artists in the Tri-Valley area. Livermore Valley Arts is privileged to be able to present this striking exhibit on display at the UNCLE Credit Union Art Gallery. 

The UNCLE Credit Union Art Gallery is in the lobby of the beautiful Bankhead Theater at 2400 First Street, Livermore. “Poetic World: East Asian Art” is free and open to enjoy by ticketed patrons during performances and by the general public, Thursdays through Sundays, 1pm5pm, January 11 through March 10, 2024. There will be an official Opening Reception tomorrow, Saturday, January 13, from 3pm5pm, in addition to an Asian Poetry Workshop with Livermore Poet Laureate Peggy Schimmelman on Saturday, January 20, from 2pm—4pm, and a reception featuring an Asian Calligraphy and ink art demonstration, with live guqin music and tea ceremony with CAASF, on Saturday, February 24 from 2pm—4pm. These events are free and open to the public, with light refreshments available for those in attendance. The public is invited to share in this incredible exhibit and surrounding free events at The Bankhead to celebrate the rich heritage and legacy of East Asian art in our global landscape and community. 

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Livermore Valley Arts is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit offering wide-ranging programs that provide access to the arts for the Tri-Valley community and beyond. The Bankhead Theater and Bothwell Arts Center are home to eight resident performing arts companies and over 40 studio artists and cultural arts instructors. 

Exhibit: Poetic World: East Asian Art 

Dates/Times: ThursdaysSundays, 1pm5pm, January 11March 3, 2024 

Opening Reception: 3pm5pm, Saturday, January 13, 2024 

Asian Poetry Workshop: With Livermore Poet Laureate Peggy Schimmelman, 2pm4pm, Saturday, January 20, 2024

Reception: Asian Calligraphy and ink art demonstration with live guqin music and tea ceremony with the Chinese Art Association, 2pm4pm, Saturday, February 24, 2024 Tickets: Free and open to the public; light refreshments provided at special events 

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