WALK WITH ME: A Digital Cultural Art Experience

A Weekend of Culture Art Show
Featuring the Art of Wawi Amasha & Fortune Sitole

Since 2018, Cheza Nami's Taste of Africa Festival and Livermore Fil-Am's Barrio Fiesta have partnered together for a multicultural weekend titled "Weekend of Culture". Weekend of Culture is a signature event designed to unite local cultural organizations and curate robust programming that can further heighten the contributions of cultural organizations to the arts in the Tri-Valley. This art showcase brings together two cultural communities, Filipino and African who have found common ground in a celebration of art that is reflective of their contributions to communities.

About Wawi Amasha

Wawi Amasha is a fine artist specializing in acrylics and digital painting. Her African paintings are a dynamic and colorful representation of village life in her native Kenya, portraying lively landscapes and people with intricate textures and patterns. Her distinctive style exudes a peaceful and joyous atmosphere which weaves the audience into the homeland. Her work captures the beauty and reverence for the planet within African culture, which is a way of life that treasures the natural world by living symbiotically with Nature. She advocates for the preservation of indigenous life and organic farming through permaculture. Wawi was born and raised in Kenya and currently resides in San Francisco where she continues to explore her artistic journey.

About Fortune Sitole

Fortune Sitole has painted since the age of twelve years old. As early as the age of five, he made sculptures out of clay and cars out of wire without any idea he was making art. Fortune is a self taught artist, with experience in mixed materials of clay, wire, and paintings on ostrich eggs, wood, and canvas. Current pieces are assembled with mixed media to create townships of South Africa, showing every day life – playing ball, jumping rope, walking to school, washing, music and dancing. He uses wood, sand, aluminum, oil and acrylic paint, sticks, bottle caps, and other objects. He uses all recycled materials and his work has been categorized as Folk Art, Raw Art, Township Art, and Green Art. Townships in South Africa are slowly disappearing and his work documents their history.