International Guitar Night with Mike Dawes

Published by Michael Koethe

Mike Dawes is known as one of the world’s finest and most creative fingerstyle guitar players. Originally from England, he now travels the world and is proud to be hosting the 20th Annual International Guitar Night at the Livermore Performing Arts Center on Friday, February 21st.

Dawes will be bringing guitar talents from all over the world to join him for a night of impressive musicality and guitar-playing skills. Joining him will be Cenk Erdogan from Turkey, Olli Soikkeli from Finland, and Jim Kimo West from Hawaii. They will each perform their own work individually before coming together to perform and entertain. This is an evening at the Livermore Performing Arts Center that you won’t want to miss!

Mike Dawes

You won’t believe what you hear from Mike Dawes until you see him live. He creates the most unusual tones and textures simultaneously from what sounds like multiple guitars, but, in fact, is just the one. He seems to create his own one-man band by showcasing bass, melody, harmony, and percussion all through the techniques he displays on one acoustic guitar.

Dawes has recorded with and taught multiple grammy-winning artists, appeared on film and TV soundtracks, released apps, and written for best-selling music magazines. There is no question that he is a pro when it comes to music and performance. If you haven’t by now, be sure to check out all of his work on YouTube, or visit his website. You won’t be disappointed. Grab your tickets to see him perform at the Livermore Performing Arts Center before they are gone!

Olli Soikkeli

Olli Soikkeli was boring in Finland in the early ’90s and now lives in NYC. He started playing guitar at the young age of 12 and eventually began playing at multiple jazz clubs around Finland. He has toured Europe with other talented musicians and played at legendary venues such as Birdland Jazz Club, Blue Note, and the Lincoln Center. Olli recorded his first album in 2011 and his second in 2012 and spent most of 2017 on tour.

Having Olli Soikkeli as a part of the 20th Annual International Guitar Night is a huge honor. Stop by the Livermore Performing Arts Center box office today or get your tickets online!

Cenk Erdogan

Cenk Erdogan is a master of the fretless guitar. Born in Istanbul, he graduated from his university with First Class Honors from the music department. Erdogan has recorded many albums and toured with many different musicians, while also winning multiple awards for his musical prowess. A few years ago, he started a world tour of the International Guitar Night throughout Europe, the USA, and Canada.

The Livermore Performing Arts Center is honored to have Cenk as part of the 20th Annual International Guitar Night with these other amazing performers. Come witness a spectacular display of guitar playing skills and musicality!

Jim Kimo West

Jim Kimo West is best known for his role as the guitarist for the world’s most successful musical comedy artist, “Weird Al” Yankovic. Kimo is known as one of the world’s best Hawaiin “slack key” guitarists and he is widely streamed on Spotify and Pandora. He has won four Grammy Awards for his work with Weird Al Yankovic.

Jim Kimo West spends a lot of time playing at Hawaii’s famed slack key festivals as well as the So Cal Slack Key Festival every year. The Livermore Performing Arts Center is excited to showcase his amazing talent at International Guitar Night.

Get Your Tickets Today!

International Guitar Night is not a night that you want to miss if you live in Livermore or the surrounding areas. This is going to be a night of some of the most gifted and talented guitar playing that you may be able to witness in a lifetime from artists all over the world.

The Livermore Performing Arts Center has all of the shows to keep you entertained. International Guitar Night is no exception. Come witness the most amazing display of musical talent with these four artists. Get your tickets online today, or stop by the Livermore Performing Arts Center box office between Tuesday and Saturday from 12 p.m to 6 p.m. International Guitar Night is a night you’ll never forget!