Riders in the Sky: America’s Favorite Cowboys

Published by LVPAC

There is no greater time than Valentine’s Day weekend to catch a show at the Livermore Performing Arts Center with your loved one. With shows both Friday and Sunday, we offer great opportunities to get out and do something different this year! Treat your favorite person to a whole weekend of fun, ending with the Riders in the Sky show on Sunday, February 16th. 

In today’s blog post from Livermore Performing Arts Center, we will give you all the information you need to know about this entertaining show put on by America’s favorite cowboys — The Riders in the Sky. These four men have perfected the art of combining Western music with fun, wacky humor, and wit. Not only will you enjoy the music, you’ll be laughing all night as they add their own comedic flair to their country performance.

For more than 30 years, Riders in the Sky have been channeling the spirits of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. They have themselves become modern-day icons by incorporating their own humor and wacky wit, encouraging audiences all over the country to live life “The Cowboy Way!” With two Grammy Awards under their big-buckled belts, these four cowboys are not to be overlooked. 

Riders in the Sky are made up of four men: a theoretical plasma physicist, a wildlife manager/galvanizer/Life scout, an English major, and a Polka Hall of Fame member. Keep reading to learn more about each member and the experience that they have performing Western music all over the country!

Ranger Doug

This guitarist sings lead and baritone vocals while executing a flawless yodeling technique. He is an award-winning Western music songwriter and a music historian who wrote the 2002 Vanderbilt University Press book, “Singing in the Saddle” that looked at the singing cowboy phenomenon that took over the country in the 1930s.

Too Slim

The bassist of the group, Too Slim has the sharpest wit in the West. Before becoming one of America’s favorite cowboys, he worked as a janitor, puppeteer, hay stacker, sportswriter, and more. On top of being one of the greatest bass players on the Western music scene, Too Slim has taught or inspired many Western music fans to play some tunes right on their own faces. 

Woody Paul

This guy is known as “King of the Cowboy Fiddlers,” and sings lead and tenor vocals, gaining early experience in country-western music by hanging out with none other than Roy Acuff. Not only does he dazzle with his impressive fiddle-playing skills, he thrills with fancy rope tricks that maybe he’ll master one day. 


Joey is the group’s accordionist and also known as the CowPolka King. Joey “plays both ends against the middle,” as they say, on his “stomach Steinway.” This CowPolka King spent time as an apprentice to the late great Frank Yankovic and has even recorded with well-known artists like Roy Rogers and U2. 

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Stop by the box office at the Livermore Performing Arts Center today to grab your tickets to see these wacky, witty, Western music performers for a show that won’t leave you disappointed. You’re guaranteed to laugh while enjoying their impressive musicality and comedic prowess. These Riders in the Sky will surely be a great end to a fun and romantic weekend with your loved one. 

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