Frequently Asked Questions


Contact the Box Office to request special seating arrangements. If it is possible, they may be able to shift the seating map to accommodate your group and keep everyone socially distanced. Phone 925-373-6800 or email boxoffice@lvpac.org

The box office can print tickets for you. Box office windows are open one hour before the film’s scheduled start time.

We will have a dedicated Will Call window.


The lobby and theater will open 30 minutes before the film’s scheduled start time. We recommend you wait in your car or well away from the doors until the theater is open.

Stickers on the ground will help spread out attendees for lines both at the entrance doors and by the box office.

Masks are required. If you do not have one, masks will be available for purchase at concessions. They must be worn at all times while in the building.

For now, the Founder’s Room will not be open.

Currently, we allow one household/bubble at a time in the elevator.

Yes, staffing will be adjusted to handle the capacity allowed.


No, vaccination is not required for entry. Currently no county- or state-wide protocol or requirements exist regarding vaccination. We will adhere to strict attendance limits and require masks and social distancing.


Our HVAC system in the theater exchanges the air 9.2 times each hour. That means there is new air in the theater every 6.5 minutes. We have also upgraded our HVAC system to use high-quality MERV-13 filters, designed to trap very fine particles, potential allergens, bacteria and viruses.

All seats, armrests and handrails will be cleaned after each performance using an electro-static sprayer, the same sprayer used in hospitals and schools to clean and kill COVID-19 on surfaces.

High-touch areas will be constantly cleaned with a thorough cleaning after every performance.

There are two touchless hand sanitizer stations located at the main entrance, one outside the main restrooms downstairs, and one outside the upstairs restrooms.

Concessions may have a limited number of items available for purchase depending on the type of event.

Programs will not be available until fall, when they will be available in digital format on the website. At that time, a limited number of printed programs will be available upon request.


If you do not feel well on the day of the event, please call the box office at 925-373-6800 to let us know. Our staff will assist you with processing an exchange, donation or refund for the full price of your ticket.

If you don’t feel well or become uncomfortable during the show, an usher can assist you to leave the theater. We will process an exchange, donation or refund for the full price of your ticket.

Please contact the box office immediately. We will adhere to state and county guidelines under those circumstances.